#Mailbag - Spring '20

Given only this image, I commissioned three amazing SizeCon artists to draw Whitley, Alicia, and Krysta in whatever manner they wished with the caveat that the girls would see their work. All three rose to the challenge, so I need to make sure the OG trio held up their end of the bargain. I'd meant to wait until this story arc was finished, but that was a dumb idea, so I didn't. I'll just say they recorded it before they all went on separate adventures and we'll leave it at that. 

Thanks again to I am Filled with Static, Candi the Wild Pig, and Lushaani for crushing it.

Whitley: Explain to me again what we're doing?

Krysta: Do you remember when we were invited to that size-themed convention?

Whitley: Foot Fest?

Krysta: No.

Alicia: Is that the same as Foot Night?

Whitley: I don't think so. FootFest is in Vancouver B.C. It's the only reason I ever really considered going actually. Vancouver is hella fun.

Krysta: Well, you still have time. It is not until late next month.

Whitley: And why do you know that?

Krysta: They had a booth at Fetish Affairs in NYC.

Alicia: You haven't gone to Fetish Affairs

Krysta: It is on my list. I considered it last year.

Alicia: Boothing or just attending?

Krysta: Why else would I go?

Whitley: You're into vore.

Alicia: Oh yeah! The snake thing.

Krysta: I am not into vore!

Alicia: I just wanted to hear her yell that again.

Whitley: It is funny when she yells that.

Krysta: So, apparently, our photos went over well at SizeCon.

Alicia: I heard there was a giant penis there.

Whitley: When you say 'giant,' are we talking, like, inches, feet, meters?

Krysta: —and we inspired some fanart.

Alicia: Yes!

Whitley: Aw, hell.

Krysta: Are you two ready to check it out?

Alicia: YES!!!

Whitley: No. *goes to kitchen*

Krysta: Can you bring me the white wine in the fridge when you come back?

Whitley: Grigio or Gris?

Krysta: Grigio!

Alicia: And a pack of Hi-chew!

Whitley: *choughs* Apple or açaí?

Alicia: Apple!

Whitley: Gotcha.

Krysta/Alicia: Thank you!

Alicia: She could have smoked in here.

Krysta: She is also making hot pockets.

- - - - - 3 minutes and 30 seconds later - - - - -

Whitley: *returns to the living room with wine, Hichew, two hot pockets, and a bag of popcorn* Okay, now I'm ready.

Alicia: Woot!

Krysta: *uncorks wine* Okay, we have three images ready to go. Let's take some questions first.

Whitley: Wait. What?

Alicia: Oooooooh, some Q&A!

Whitley: This will get weird.

Krysta: And our first question is for Whitley. "Is it true that you've reached 7'3" now, or are you still a little off or gone past it?"

Whitley: That didn't take long.

Alicia: Of course she's 7'3". 

Krysta: *gulps wine*

Alicia: Isn't she? Aren't you?

Krysta: Whitley, can I have some popcorn?

Whitley: For sure.

Alicia: You have to confirm it!

Krysta: Does she?

Whitley: *shrugs*

Alicia: Aw, come on. Krysta, back me up. She's easily taller than when she first moved in, right?

Krysta: *eats popcorn*

Whitley: Alicia, "What is the most that you've ever bench pressed?"

Alicia: The most? Well, I don't know if I want to go on the record with an exact—

Whitley: I know she can bench 330.

Alicia: Hey!

Krysta: *refills wine*

Whitley: What, can't you?

Alicia: It's a complex issue with a complex answer!

Whitley: 330, she can bench 330. Maybe more maybe less.

Krysta: I get the feeling we should stick to answering our own questions.

Alicia: Sounds like a plan. Krysta, "because of your super-duper huge jubblies..."

Krysta: It does not say that.

Alicia: "—do you have a blind spot? Like not being able to see your feet when you're standing up?"

Krysta: Generally, yes, though how much depends on what I am wearing. Au natural, I have to lean forward a bit to see my toes. Some of my more dramatic bras make that even more difficult.

Alicia: I'm impressed with how round they are naturally.

Whitley: Yeah, they're super round. And firm, too.

Krysta: Stop. This is weird. Let's look at the first picture, by I am Filled with Static. 

Alicia: Okay, first: have any of you watched Twin Peaks?

Krysta: I have not.

Whitley: I tried. I wanted it to be funnier.

Alicia: Okay, me neither. So, cosplay review: would you wear it?

Krysta: Not in public, but I could have a lot of fun with that shirt design on camera.

Whitley: I am buying a sheriff hat.

Alicia: Hides my arms = minus. Shows my abs = plus.

Krysta: I wish my abs looked that good.

Alicia: And check out Whitley's inguinal crease!

Krysta: Ooooo. That is nice.

Whitley: I am seriously buying that hat right now. Where's my phone?

Alicia: Am I holding chocolate and coffee?

Krysta: It is a radio.

Alicia: I think it's a box of animal crackers.

Whitley: *phone in hand* So, do I just google 'sheriff hat' or what?

Krysta: It's a handheld transistor radio. They were common in the eighties. It also could be a walkie-talkie.

Alicia: I think it's hot chocolate and graham crackers.

Krysta: *looks at Whitley's phone* Whitley, that hat will not fit over your hair.

Whitley: Ugh, you're right. 

Krysta: Okay, next picture.

Alicia: No, wait! Fan question: "Have you ever bought an outfit that you liked but had to discard not too long afterward because you outgrew it?"

Whitley: *gestures down to bare ankles* Duh.

Krysta: *adjusts top* It is true for me.

Alicia: *flexes* Me too.

Whitley: Whose question was that?

Krysta: Whitley, I think. This one is for Alicia. "Is there such a thing as being too muscular?"

Alicia: Too muscular: yes. Too strong: no.

Whitley: Huh. Elaborate.

Alicia: I love how I look, but I also care about my cosplay. I don't want to get to the point that my muscles distract my overall look. All the elements should work together. Cosplay-synergy!

Whitley: Okay, Krysta, "Do you sometimes think that you're the voice of reason in your household?"

Krysta: *finishes wine glass*

Alicia: Ha!

Whitley: Yeah, tell that to those boxes of flavored body oil.

Krysta: You two are never going to let me live that down, are you?

Whitley/Alicia: Nope

Krysta: Let's get back to the artwork. This next one is by Candi the Wild Pig.

Alicia: I love that name. 

Whitley: Huh.

Krysta: *refills wine glass*

Alicia: I love it.

Whitley: Are my eyebrows really that thick?

Krysta: Those are cute frames. Not as cute as my actual ones.

Alicia: And some juicy nipples!

Krysta: Certainly juicier than my actual ones.

Whitley: You know what? I think I look good with giant titties.

Krysta: I want to know what I am saying.

Alicia: "Oh my Gawd, girls. Look at our bewwwwwwwbs!"

Krysta: That's what you would be saying. I would probably say—

Alicia: "My boobs are still totally bigger than yours, btw."

Krysta: Alicia—

Alicia: "Uh uh, girls. Big boobs are my thing."

Krysta: Alicia, shut up!

Whitley: You would say that.

Krysta: Next question, "Whitley, do you ever think that you'll stop growing?"

Whitley: I am glad you asked. I plan to grow until age thirty-five when, at a towering sixteen feet tall, I will then begin shrinking. Initially, the shrinking will work to my advantage, reducing the stress on my body as I grow older. Unfortunately, the shrinking will have adverse effects on my brain's ability to process information, and I will spend my final years shrinking deliriously into nothingness.

Krysta: Did you just write a Benjamin Button size parody?

Whitley: Not yet, but now I might...

Alicia: I would read that.

Whitley: Alicia, "If you could live in any anime se—"

Alicia: Star Driver.

Krysta: *drinks* Good luck breaking her seal, Takuto.

Whitley: Wow.

Alicia: Krysta, "If you could have either Whitley's height or Alicia's muscles, which would you have?"

Krysta: Alicia's muscles. No offense, Whitley.

Whitley: I'm going with Krysta's boobs. That drawing sold me.

Krysta: I considered your height, but I was concerned about back problems.

Alicia: I'd take your height in a heartbeat. Oh man, I'd be so freaking huge!

Whitley: Speaking of Alicia being freaking huge, check out this one by Lushaani.  

Alicia: Aw, we look cute!

Whitley: I do make that face a lot.

Krysta: Boobs aside, this may be the most accurate depiction of my body shape I have ever seen in an illustration.

Alicia: That picture is, like, exactly how big I want to be. 

Krysta: A worthy goal.

Whitley: You should do a photoshoot in boxer-briefs. Not a bad look for you.

Alicia: I don't disagree.

Whitley: Wait, whose bra am I supposed to be holding?

Krysta: It looks like I have yours.

Alicia: I have Krysta's on my head. Note to self...

Krysta: Erase that note.

Whitley: Cartoon me has a point. I could use a better sports bra.

Krysta: Borrow one from Alicia. You two wear the same size. 

Alicia: OMG, I forgot. We do! 

Whitley: Krysta, why? Why do you do this?

Krysta: *sips wine*

Alicia: I have the perfect one for you. Two words: 'Hello Kitty.'

Whitley: Okay, time to wrap this up. The last question is for all of us: "You wake up one day and find out you have superpowers (what specific powers are irrelevant). Will you use them for good, evil, or just self-indulgent debauchery?"

Krysta: First, what powers is relevant because the type of powers would make the difference between "evil" and "self-indulgent" debauchery.

Alicia: And Percy thinks I'm weird about air quotes.

Whitley: Yeah, but what 'evil' would you actually do?

Alicia: *nudges Whitley* Do you actually want to know that answer?

Krysta: Hardly 'evil.' More like 'large scale sociological research.'

Whitley: No, I do not want to know this answer.

Krysta: Psh. Do not demonize me. None of you chose 'good.'

Alicia: I would, but only for the costumes. I wouldn't, like, do good.

Whitley: Hell, no. I want to bang Luke Cage, not be him.

Krysta: Okay, this seems like as good of a place to end this as any.

Whitley: I told y'all it would get weird.

Alicia: And it did.

Krysta: *finishes wine*