#52: Meeting Alicia

Met Alicia Freeman in-person and it was AWESOME
by skreetskreet » Thu Nov 7, 2017 10:50 pm

I can't believe I actually get to say this, but OH MY GOD I SAW ALICIA FREEMAN IN PERSON.

So, my girlfriend and I are attending all three days of Coastside Comic Con. It's 'day zero', we'd just checked into our room and were headed back down to get food. As we're passing through the lobby, I look over and see this blonde in fancy black dress in the corner, black hat and sunglasses, chilling in one of the comfy chairs and browsing on her phone. She’s also got calves carved out of granite and arms like The Rock.

Being the muscle girl fan that I am, I instantly know who that is. I'm looking to sneak a little closer for a better look, but my girlfriend is going on and on about "that pretty blonde's huge freaking arms." My lady is kind of a loudmouth and I know Alicia has to have heard her (GF said ‘huge freaking arms’ several times). I look back over at Alicia and she has this huge smile on her face. I could swear, she looked over at us. At this point, I'm thinking: this is comic con, she's Alicia Freeman ("Queen Alici"), it's not crowded. We gotta go say hi.

I grab my GF by the arm and start dragging her over and she’s pushing back on me. I don't know if she thought Alicia would be mean or if she was afraid Alicia heard her or if she really did know Alicia was kinda famous, but she was not having it. Finally, I'm like, "that's Alicia Freeman. FAMOUS bodybuilder and cosplayer. She's super nice, super geeky, and would not be sleeveless if she weren't proud of how she looks."

And I say it all loud enough so Alicia can hear.

So Alicia looks up at us and starts motioning us over. We're thrilled and do exactly that. She stands up to meet us and...I got to take a moment here and explain something: Alicia Freeman is GORGEOUS in person. First of all, she smells amazing. Like fresh laundry and pink lemonade. Second: she looks like a movie star: real angular face, perfect skin (a little makeup), gorgeous hair. Then, of course, her physique is mind-boggling. She's probably around 5'7 or so (I'm 5'9 and she was my height in heels) so it's not like she's tiny. She's super broad-shouldered and her legs look like they could shoot her through the ceiling. This girl is BUILT like a 007 spy car: sexy, stylish, and dangerous AF.

Thing is, the way she talked to us, you'd think we'd met her before. We introduced ourselves and she used our names for the rest of the conversation. My GF complimented Alicia's dress and she told us EVERYTHING about it including what pattern she used and what material and how long it took. She talks A LOT and is kinda hard to follow but she's super sweet and her muscles had us almost too mesmerized to think.

So, back to the story. I'm trying to think of a casual non-creepy way to compliment her guns when my girlfriend (whom I love very much) just blurts "I can't believe how big your arms are!" Alicia totally rolls with it and FLEXES. RIGHT. THERE. Double-biceps BOOM! Her flexed, pumped muscles are wonders of the world. Almost nineteen inches around (she said so in one of her streams...and also to us) carved out of stone and just EXPLODING with power. My mouth hung open as I stared at freaking heaven.

After a minute of shamelessly ogling Alicia's arms (and everything else), I remember my girlfriend is standing right next to me. Snapping back, I look over to see...that my GF is thirsting for Alicia Freeman even harder than I am. Her pupils are dilated, her face is sweaty, and she's practically shaking (she had the same look she had when we saw Nathan Fillion at WonderCon). Suddenly, my GF just says:

"I follow you on youtube. And instagram. And twitch."

"That's awesome! What's your favorite video?"

"That one where you rip the phone book dressed as Nami," my GF replies, not even skipping a beat.

"I need to do another one of those," Alicia says. "What do you think I should wear next time?"

So then my GF and Alicia start going on about costumes and Alicia's videos. I'm thinking this whole encounter can't get any more unbelievable when the conversation drifts back to Alicia's swole AF arms. Alicia grabs my GF's hand and puts it on her bicep. My girlfriend, meanwhile, is looking like her legs are about to give out under her. She manages to keep her wits and gives Alicia more compliments. I guess they were pretty comfortable with each other because Alicia points at my GF's mario bros t-shirt and is like "your mushrooms look pretty nice!"

Now, I'm proud to say my GF's got a respectable set on her. I'm also proud to say that Alicia Freeman seems to think so too.

From there, not much else to say. We made small talk with her until her assistant (chubby little Asian girl with a nice set herself) comes over with her room key and says it's time to check in. Alicia gives us both hugs (girl could have broke me in half) and a few flyers for her weekend appearances and tells us to come see her again and she'll give us free stuff (we fully intend to). Alicia waves at us one more time from the elevator before the doors shut. We wave back as hard as we can.

Finally, left to ourselves, we let out a huge breath and stand there quietly for a bit. My GF grabs my hand, tugs me towards her, and whispers in my ear.

"We need to go back to the room. I seriously need to change my underwear."