#66: Inspiration

Krysta straightened in her chair, re-igniting the now fifteen-year war between her lower-back and the substantial payload hanging from her chest. Though it provided little support, the black bikini bra shaped her assets into a symphonic chasm of cleavage. Krysta leaned forward, her breasts pressing into the table as she took another sip of Chai tea. Setting down her mug, she unleashed a thunderous belch.

"Ten out of ten, like always," Julie said, clapping her hands. Wearing Gucci jeans and a secondhand white Fruit of the Loom tank top, she scrolled through images on her camera from the concert she'd photographed the night before. With Krysta delaying their early start time, Julie had made toast to satiate her hunger until Alicia could make breakfast. Julie sat across the dining table from Krysta, jPop seeping through the floorboards from the basement. "You ever consider showing off your burping skills for your fans?"

"I am holding that card in my deck for when I really want to make my Mom crazy."

"Krysta, please don't tell me your mom watches your videos."





"So," Krysta continued. "For the sake of due process: pros and cons of applying for the Math Tutoring Center Position posted yesterday. Pro: I would be the strongest candidate. I know what steps need to be taken to fix the center and exactly how to make them."

"And she's humble too, ladies and gentlemen," Julie announced. Krysta offered a subtle eyeroll and Julie snickered. "Ok, so let's say you are a shoo-in. What's in it for you?"

"Pro: Steady income with full benefits."

"Whatever. You don't care about that."

"Pro: it would put me in an ideal position to slide into teaching the occasional adjunct class, given my good rapport with the department leadership."

"Big con: your career as an online topless model will come up, likely during the interview, if not before that."

"Enough people know already. If they were going to fire me for being a topless model, they would have done so by now. If anything, they would see it as a net positive for recruiting."

"Con: it will suck up significant hours of your day."

Krysta sighed. "Huge con. My schedule is inflexible, and I cannot spare the focus. I work a full week already keeping this thing afloat."

"Those things."

"This enterprise," Krysta said, with a gentle glare. "So yes, as attractive an opportunity as this is, the verdict is the same as when this came up last year. I have my whole life to dive back into academia, and I am approaching the sunset of my prime modeling years."

"Speaking of time passing us by," Julie said, holding up her camera. "We were supposed to have started shooting forty minutes ago."

"I am doing market research."

"K-Cup Krysta" after:2018/01/01

Krysta scanned the search results for her name and, with faint hesitation, clicked her thread on the Best Tits Forum. She'd decided early on in her career it would be best to keep forum visits to a minimum and limit their scope to market-research purposes. While she could likely get all the feedback she needed from her social media buzz, she held a soft spot for her 22-page topic thread that spanned nearly a decade. "This is nice. Someone posted three heart-eyes emojis, a thumbs up, three fire emojis, the kiss emoji, the pointing finger emoji, the OK sign emoji, three water spurt emojis, and another thumbs up."

"Was it good for you?" Julie asked, fanning herself mockingly.

"Oh baby, yes," Krysta replied flatly, refining her search.

"K-Cup Krysta" -fuck -suck -porn -dick after:2018/01/01

"Here is a comment on one of my recent shots: 'All-time favorite. Perfect big titties! Would love to lick them!'"

Julie shook her head. "You just wanted to read that out loud."

"I am trying to get into the minds of my fans. Okay, one more."

"K-Cup Krysta" -fuck -suck -porn -dick -lick after:2018/01/01

"Someone posted a picture of me from two years ago with the comment 'Vintage KCK is my favorite. She was smaller then, but it is easily'—emphasis mine—'her best work.' Krysta sighed. "Who doesn't love hearing their best work is two years behind them?"

"Uh huh," Julie said, distracted by the sound of rapid, crescendoing footfalls on the basement stairs. Krysta heard it as well but remained focused on parsing her search results, even as Alicia burst in with her head tilted back, bleeding profusely from her nose. She ripped off a handful of paper towels as Julie retrieved an ice pack from the freezer and tossed it her way. Alicia applied it all to her face, before crouching down to read over Krysta’s shoulder.

"Ah wannah fee cushed undahh dose big azaan tiddys." Alicia chuckled. "Ha. Lal."

Krysta sighed. "So much to unpack there."

"But, flattering, yeah?" Julie asked.

"Perhaps, but what does that mean in terms of feedback? What am I supposed to do, start smashing things with my tits?"

Alicia nodded. "Uh huh. Abhouloutee."

"Yeah, no," Krysta said, twisting around and shoving Alicia away. "Alicia, you are getting blood everywhere."

"She has a point, sort of," Julie said, retrieving the surface cleaner and another wad of paper towels. "Krys, as far as body-to-tits ratio goes, you're in the top one percent."

Krysta scoffed. "Unlikely. I would say five percent at most."

"Either way, you don't see a set like yours every day. Keep that your focus and your fans stay happy. Besides, it's not like they're getting any smaller." Julie reached across the table and tugged the strap of Krysta's bikini, setting one of her jugs in motion. Krysta batted Julie's hand away but did not look up from the screen.

"I understand what you are saying, but I feel like I have hit a wall creatively." Krysta finished the last of her tea and burped again.

"Just do what I do," Alicia said, through several layers of paper towels.

"Break your nose trying to take a mirror selfie while doing one-arm push-ups?"

"Not what I did, what I do: indulge the fantasy."

Krysta dropped her face into her hands. "I have big tits, and I show them off. What more fantasy is there? Am I supposed to do porn?"

"Plenty of people do porn and three times that many pose topless If you want 'different' then you need to think outside the box." Alicia scanned the cupboard for ingredients. "Julie, what're ya feeling for breakfast?"

"Can we wait until you stop bleeding?"

"And also until after I shoot?" Krysta rubbed her growling stomach. "I will not have the will to refuse if you start cooking now."

Alicia frowned. "Weren't you supposed to start shooting, like, an hour ago?"

"Still waiting for this one," Julie said, gesturing to Krysta with the banana she'd grabbed and peeled. "Personally, I say we do what we always do: shoot until inspiration hits."

Krysta groaned, dropping her head into her hands. "Every time we do that, we end up with some variation on the same thing. It is growing stale. Have you seen my analytics lately?"

"Yes. You drunk-texted me screenshots twice last week."

"Drunk or not, the numbers do not lie. If I am going to keep my career afloat, I need fresh ideas."

"Krysta, you're an Asian, girl-next-door-looking pinup model with K-Cup boobs!" Julie said, exasperated. "In a thousand years when the internet is a barren wasteland, all that's left will be pictures of you, a bunch of cat memes, and two bots arguing about Star Wars."

"I am less concerned with growth as I am development. As you pointed out earlier, this is not about money. I can find new revenue sources. I can make the switch to Patreon. I can take on a few more tutoring students. Shit, I could take that stupid Tutoring Center position, and do this in my spare time. I need this to be intellectually stimulating. If I wanted to work myself stupid on shit only a handful of people care about, I would get my Ph.D.

"But you gotta have fun too," Alicia said, dabbing at her nose with a fresh towel filled with ice. "Otherwise—"

"Otherwise, why do this at all?" Krysta finished. "But after having posted literally thousands of pictures of my breasts what else could I possi—OH MY GOD. Guys, look at this."

Julie leaned over and read the caption under the image. "'K-Cup Krysta if her body were proportional to her boobs.' Ha! Nice."

Alicia nodded with approval. "I like how they did your hair. I mean, your hair now is...okay but, I can't remember, did we think about bangs?"

"Ok, that's not what I—"

"She nailed your butt too. Certainly not your strongest asset."


"Right?" Alicia interjected. "Your booty profile could definitely stand the benefits of a good squats regimen. I figured with your gaining weight it would have—"

"Look," Krysta said, her face back in her hands. "You two really do not want me to go full hangry right now."

Julie put a hand on Krysta's shoulder. "Krysta, you would make a delightful giantess. Is that what you want to hear?"

"It is, thank you," Krysta said, shutting her laptop. "Now, I have several ideas, and the first one starts on the front porch. We will need to be quick because I want to minimize the chances of being seen by our neighbor's six-year-old."

"Let me get the rest of my lenses from the car, the light sucks right now," Julie headed out the back door and Krysta headed to the bathroom. Alicia glanced down below her paper towel-wadded nose at her phone to see she had just received a text from Whitley.