#3: Full Disclosure

"Were you two in the middle of something?"

Alicia opened her mouth to reply, but Krysta made a hissing sound. Alicia looked to the frowning Krysta, who shook her head. Both girls then turned to Whitley, whose towering form still loomed in the doorway. She glanced back and forth between Krysta's enormous bosom and Alicia's Olympian physique, before realizing both girls were making eye contact with her.

"I didn't mean to interrupt, you know, if you two were, uh..."

"Oh, we're not lesbians," Alicia said. "It's not a weird sex thing either...well, I mean, not a literal sex thing. I guess you could say—"

"Alicia!" Krysta snapped.

"What? You're the one who's practically topless."

"Is this one of those 'clothing optional' kinds of households?" Whitley asked. "'Cause I'm just gonna warn you, I look weird naked."

"I can explain! Please step inside," Krysta nearly shouted over Alicia admitting she wouldn't mind seeing Whitley naked. She swatted Alicia aside and gestured in her guest. Whitley ducked through the doorway, immediately appreciating the high ceilings as well as the extra-large armchair in the corner near the door. She dropped her bag next to it as Krysta slipped into a thick, purple bathrobe.

"Can I sit here?"

"Definitely. Make yourself comfortable."

Whitley settled into the plush chair as she continued her inspection of the living room. It had a simple, minimalist layout, with mostly new furniture in a mix of bold reds and greens that somehow didn't look like Christmas. Alicia bounded around the coffee table and plopped down on the couch, which sat next to the chair and across the room from the large television with a webcam mounted on top.

"Is that thing on?" Whitley asked.

Alicia squinted at the camera. "No red light, we should be good."

"So, you do a lot of video chatting?"

"She does," Alicia said, grinning and nodding her head towards Krysta. "Mostly one-way, though."

"Uh, ok."

"I will explain in a bit," Krysta said, tugging her bathrobe shut. Despite its thickness, the robe did little to hide Krysta's dramatic curves. It had effectively toned her cleavage down from monumental to merely substantial. Krysta patted her chest gingerly and noticed Whitley watching with fascination. She pressed her hands into both sides of her enormous bosom, her fingers sinking into her soft flesh. "Yes, these are the girls. I do not normally let them answer the door, but you caught me by surprise. They are an armful and can be difficult to manage at times, but we can talk about them later. In the meantime," Krysta walked over to Whitley and extended her hand. "I am Lan Dinh, but please call me Krysta." Whitley reached up and engulfed Krysta's hand in what was less a handshake and more a hand-swallow.

"Dang! Your hands are big!" Alicia blurted. Krysta winced.

"It's okay," Whitley said, releasing Krysta's hand and holding hers up, fingers spread. "They are big, even for my giant-assed self. My feet too." Whitley raised a leg and rotated her foot in a circle, showing off her size seventeen sandals. Managing to pull her eyes away, Krysta nudged Alicia over so she could sit between the two. She took a moment to gather her thoughts before continuing.

"First: I do not do porn, in case you were wondering."

"Ok," Whitley said. "In the spirit of full disclosure, neither do I."

"Me neither," Alicia chimed in. "You think you look weird naked? I can flex, like, six different muscles around my—"

"I am, however," Krysta continued, "a pinup model who regularly poses for topless photoshoots, videos, and live webcam shows. I am known online as," Krysta gestured downward to her breasts, "K-cup Krysta."

"I'm a model too!" Alicia chimed, hopping to her feet. "Bodybuilding and cosplay smashed together into one strong, sweet, and super-fun package!" She placed one hand on her hip and flashed a peace sign with the other. Whitley was mesmerized by the tremendous size of Alicia's powerful thighs, which blossomed out of bright pink Hello Kitty shorts.

"You need to stop using that line," Krysta said. "We can come up with something better."

"It's better than that one message board that calls me 'Otakusaurus.'"

"Not that much better."

Alicia rolled her eyes and dropped back down on the couch. "Yeah, because 'K-cup Krysta' is sooooo brilliant. It sounds you're addicted to Keurig."

"Anyways," Krysta continued, turning her attention back to Whitley. "Since you gave us nothing but your name, we assumed you were putting the onus on us to do our research."

"You Googled me."

"We sure did!" Alicia said. "Are you really six-foot-ten?"

"How big are your arms?" Whitley replied, pointing at Alicia's biceps.

Alicia beamed with pride as she curled one of her thick arms which appeared as solid as granite. "Nineteen inches, and growing!"

"Well, I'm 217 centimeters tall."

Alicia's chin dropped, and she squealed with excitement. "WHAT!?!? Those articles said you were six-ten! Are you still growing?"

"They took the number from my freshman year volleyball stats, which were not only wrong but outdated. I was six-eleven and a half then, and I grew a couple of inches since."

"GET OUT!!!" Alicia exclaimed, diving across Krysta's lap, onto the arm of the couch, and into Whitley's face. Pulling a phone from seemingly nowhere, she extended her arm outwards and moved in close to Whitley. "I need to post a picture with you, like, now. Do you have Instagram? My followers are going to flip!"

Whitley reflexively held up a large hand to block the photo. "Can you not, please?"

"Lesson one," Krysta asserted, plucking Alicia's phone from her hands and tossing it to the opposite end of the couch, where Alicia followed. "Do not encourage this one."

"Aw, come on! Krys!" Alicia whined. "She is social media jackpot waiting to happen."

"Alicia, be quiet," Krysta said. She placed both hands down on her lap, turning towards Whitley and looking her dead straight in the eyes. "Whitley, I will be as honest with you as I can. If you move in here, you will live in a spacious home with high ceilings, low rent, super-fast internet, plenty of storage space, and fantastic food."

Alicia pointed two thumbs at herself, grinning smugly. Krysta shut her eyes and shook her head without even looking back, before continuing.

"As a part of the deal, however, you will have to deal with all the insanity you have already seen, plus way more. Fabric paint, unapologetically bare breasts, protein stacking, fabric scraps everywhere, the dense shroud of parental disapproval, seizure-inducing anime marathons, a couple shouting matches a month—"

"You can participate or just watch," Alicia interjected.

"Live webcam streams, morning and evening jogging, massive wet bras hanging in the bathroom, orgasmic workout screaming, sibling conference calls, and the ever-present smells of body oils which should get you through about a week. Do you think you want to be a part of this?"

Whitley took a moment to consider the proposal. Krysta held a patient poker face while Alicia squirmed impatiently next to her. There was no doubt in Whitley's mind Krysta given her the most honest summation of the household she could—and had likely left some things out. A thought suddenly occurred to her. Her concern must have been visible, as both Krysta and Alicia straightened up.

"Can I smoke weed here?"

Krysta and Alicia looked at each other, shrugged, and replied in unison. "Sure."

"Then I'm in."