Mailbag #2 - [K-Cup] Krysta

When you have been in the street have you had any random strangers comment about your chest?

*Laughs* You know, I have actually considered keeping a counter for 'number of days since my last catcall.' I think I may have gone five days at one the winter, wearing a sweater, scarf and winter coat. Comments happen, and typically come in five variations:

1. The in-but-out-of-earshot judging. It is usually on the days I have the audacity to leave the house showing cleavage. I will typically get some version of "that's inappropriate." Some say it to my face, but typically it comes from someone far enough away to be inconspicuous but stated loud enough so I can hear. I have also heard guys muse "how am I not supposed to stare?" while staring. Yes, I certainly understand the temptation (and the draw), but I must ask: if you seriously cannot help yourself, at least make an effort to be discreet (see #5).

2. The Audaciously Profane. Whether the intentions are good or bad, their shock and awe comes with a side helping of profanity, often with no regard for volume, company, or setting. In these cases, I am often surprised to see nearby parents more concerned with chiding me for two inches of cleavage than the grown adult nearby shouting "look at those fucking tits!"

3. The James Blunt Wannabe. As well-intentioned as "you're beautiful" could potentially be, when spoken to a woman in sweatpants who has not showered or combed her hair yet, I cannot help but be suspicious. Perhaps start with something a milder like, "hello" or "beautiful weather today," or even "there's a sock hanging out of your pants cuff."

4. The Boldly Obvious. Yes, there are those who simply lead with "Your breasts are huge!" There was even a sweet older cashier at the checkout counter who gave me "oh honey, the Lord has blessed you and then some!" Unsolicited comments about another person's physical appearance are generally a bad way to break the ice.

5. The Silent and Unsubtle. If you can't say anything nice (or perhaps, 'proper'), don't say anything at all, right? It is a good rule of thumb, but all the polite silence in the world does not make up for a pair of eyes burning into my chest like a laser cutter. Not cool, and not polite.

Do you suffer any back pains at all?

I do, and have since my teens. Most people have poor posture, and it affects everyone differently depending, to a large degree, on their body type. As you might imagine, carrying as much weight as I do *Krysta gives her chest a shake* up here, poor posture is a killer. I work with a friend of mine on back and core exercises and as much as I admittedly do not like exercise, the efforts have paid off. While part of the goal is to strengthen my muscles to reduce pain, the discipline required to do the exercises properly also gets you in the habit of maintaining good posture.

Of course, modeling helps too...

"Is there any time that you have considered having surgery to reduce your breast size?"

Absolutely. I can assure you, if I were not a model, I would have reduced them long ago. I am skittish about doctors and hospitals, so surgery was not and is not an attractive option for me. Invasive surgery is hard on your body, so if I am going to commit to it I had better have a strong desire to do so. In the end, as much as I didn't (and occasionally still do not) appreciate my growing boobs, I am waiting for that sentiment to outweigh my apprehension about surgery, and it has not.

In short, yes. If I were not a pinup model and I could have waved a magic wand to reduce myself to a B or C cup, I would have definitely done so by now.

"If you could trade in your for a would you?"

First, you probably mean 'mammary tissue' or possibly 'pectoralis.' I am not pregnant!

But I know what you mean. I have been asked this before, and I answered 'no' without knowing why at the time. My reasoning is a little weird, but I will share anyways. As a busty woman, my energy is here.

*Krysta puffs out her chest, emphasizing her cleavage and framing it with her hands*

...and as such, I am used to carrying my energy there. If I were more pear-shaped, I would carry my energy lower on my frame. and while it can be a sexy and powerful look, it does not suit me. And anyways, how many Vietnamese (or even Asian, in general) girls can you think of with large butts? It's certainly not a beauty standard in Southeast Asia, so it's pretty uncommon to see. That said, it would make me even more of a novelty…

Yeah, no. I do not want a big butt. It is hard enough finding tops. Pants would be a nightmare.

"Do you have a favourite Vietnam War film?"

My parents were both born in Vietnam right smack in the middle of the war years. Accounts of their experiences led me to explore books and films about the subject in grade school. In addition to powerful American films like Platoon, The Deer Hunter, and Jacob's Ladder, there are some fantastic Vietnamese films such as The Little Girl of Hanoi (Em bé Hà Noi) and Journey from the Fall (Vượt Sóng) which I would highly recommend as well.

At the end of the day, I like to laugh, so my favorite is Good Morning Vietnam.

"Do any of your watchers ever get over enthusiastic?"

Over-enthusiasm can take a lot of forms. The most common, in my experience, is the desire for "more." This includes requests for me to show "more" in my pictures and videos and solicitations for services I do not provide (i.e. "do you escort?"). It also comes in the form of presumptuous conclusions posted about me on forums and unsolicited pictures of genitalia.

A large part of the reason I make myself available on social media and video chats stems from a desire to remind people I am actually a human being and engage with them as human beings. Yes, I am a webcam model and yes I perform topless for my adoring fans (whom I adore back). Out of respect for my audience, I try to be explicitly clear about what kind of content I produce and where my boundaries are. In return, while I appreciate the enthusiasm, I do ask that my watchers respect those boundaries.

So... why do you do this?

That is the question, is it not? As I have already mentioned, living with a figure like mine with the career choice I have taken is a challenge, to put it lightly. Not only am I abnormally shaped, but I have also chosen pinup modeling as a career. There are a number of reasons why. Some are more personal, but I can be upfront about a few:

To take ownership of my body. If you have never modeled before, you would be amazed at how much you learn about the power and art of body language. I have attained an awareness about my appearance I cannot imagine I would have otherwise.

Because I enjoy it. In my high school and college years, I rarely went out or dressed up for "fun." I have discovered the fun in exploring different looks, outfits, and poses to see what my audience likes. I have also had the opportunity to travel to some cool places for photo shoots.

For the challenge. To do this as a career is multifaceted and involved work that challenges me on multiple levels. I have to be organized, creative, engaged, self-aware, thick-skinned, and open-minded to do the work I do, and despite the challenges, I find it rewarding.

Most importantly, I do it because I want to do it.

Tạm biệt everyone!